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Folder BILLING (6)
Folder FTP/SSH (4)
FTP/SSH services
Folder JBOSS (4)
JBoss Application Server
Folder JETTY (5)
Jetty Server - General
Folder MAIL (6)
General MAIL services
Folder SQL (1)
MySQL & PostgreSQL
Folder SUPPORT (1) Support Desk
Folder TOMCAT (13)
Apache Tomcat - General
Folder WWW (5)
Apache / PHP - General

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Article How can I setup SSH with public key authentication?
Unix, Linux and Mac OS X users Openssh is probably already installed on your Unix, Linux, or Mac OS X host computer. It is available from your...
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Article Where do I upload my jar/class files to?
You should upload your .jar files into WEB-INF/lib directory and class files into WEB-INF/classes directory. Your jar/class files will be...
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Article How can I restart Shared Tomcat?
Each Shared Tomcat user has a privileges to run a commands (under linux/unix shell): "restartsharedtomcat55" (to restart Shared Tomcat 5.5) or...
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Article JSP example - read from MySQL database
<%@ page language="java" import="java.sql.*"%> JSP example - read from MySQL Database <% String DRIVER =...
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Article How to deploy Tomcat's manager tool?
You need to edit your conf/tomcat-user.xml file in order to use Tomcat's manager tool. Role "manager" and user with a role...
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